1. College…

    Let me just clarify a few things before I get into what happened this week.

    I am an intelligent person.  I took all of the honors classes my high school had to offer.  I graduated high school with 29 hours worth of college credit.  I got a 30 on the ACT.  I am in the honors program at my school now.

    This being said, I have already had to drop calculus II.  I was so lost after one class and we had only done review.  I struggled with the review homework but made it through and thought it would get better once we started something new and I wouldn’t have to try to remember how to do the stuff.  It definitely didn’t work that way.  I got even more lost after the second class and had absolutely no clue how to even start the homework.

    There are a few reasons for this.  One reason is that I have a really bad memory and so have problems remembering how to do the basics sometimes.  Another reason is that I had serious problems following the teacher.  He moved way too fast and he jumped all over the place.  He was also easily distracted and would sometimes forget what he was doing and then never finish it.  The last reason is that I took calculus I in high school, through the local community college.  Our community college lets you use graphing calculators for everything, my school will not allow you to use graphing calculators for anything.

    So, I dropped calculus II and am currently retaking calculus I.  Not an ideal situation but at least it lowered my stress level.

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